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ACO Qualifications

To qualify as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) must agree to be accountable for the quality, cost and overall health care of beneficiaries assigned to the ACO.  The following must be in place:

  • A formal legal structure that would allow the ACO to receive payments and distribute any shared savings.
  • Leadership and management structure that includes clinical and administrative personnel and systems.
  • Processes to promote evidence-base medicine.
  • Processes to report on quality and cost measures.

To achieve the Accountability requirements above the ACO will have to develop a large infrastructure or contract for some or all services.

ACO Management has a long history of and is committed to working with providers to give quality, accessible, and cost effective health care to the residents of Michigan.

ACO Management’s strength lies in the vast experience and the stability of having long term personnel.  All department directors and other key personnel have extensive experience in working in Healthcare.  ACO Management Senior Staff each have over 15 years experience in Managed Care.

 Our ACO is uniquely positioned to provide the full range of managed care services. Our approach is designed to produce the optimum solution to improve quality and access, while also controlling program expenditures. Based on your needs, we design and implement support systems and managed care programs to accomplish the goals of the customer. Our ACO uses a formal Project Management and control processes to implement all programs. This includes a Project Manager who oversees the implementation of services.  Our key management staff are utilized to analyze requirements, design and construct business processes and systems, conduct testing on all systems that have been developed, and orient and train users in the systems and business processes. We also support the implementation and ongoing operation and maintenance of the processes and systems

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